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“What an amazing mattress. I personally have never owned a new mattress (embarrassing I know) and was hesitant to spend money because let’s face it I’m not exactly one to spend a lot on things. 100x over again I’d buy this mattress. I’ve never been one to fall asleep fast, especially with kids. This mattress has changed that. I fall asleep quickly and comfortably. The owners are amazing as well and make the process go as smooth as possible. I accidently pushed a button on the website and the owner David even called me to make sure everything was alright as my mattress was just delivered. I’ll recommend these to anyone. Thank you for making such a great quality mattress at an affordable price. 🙂🙂” -Amanda H.


“Your mattress is amazing! I’ve had a lot of back and knee pain, with this mattress it is total comfort! I now look forward to a restful nights sleep on my new Legend Mattress! Very thankful for have found this mattress! I’m already sleeping much better throughout the nights!” -Vera R.


“I bought a mattress for my toddler for his second birthday. I often catch myself falling asleep while putting him down for bed with how comfortable it is! Hands Down best mattress I have laid on before. Hopefully I can get one for my room soon!” -Brittney K.


“Very comfortable! Soft and supporting. Most comfortable mattress I’ve laid on in years! My back already feels better. I’m very happy with my mattress!” -Hannah H.

“The mattress is amazing!!!!! I haven’t slept this good in years!!! Hannah was amazing to work with. I highly recommend getting a mattress from them!!” -Danielle L.


“Most comfortable mattress I’ve ever had! Before this mattress, I used to wake up almost every hour and struggle to fall back asleep. Now that I have my Faloogin mattress, I stay asleep the whole night and fall asleep quickly. My cat also sleeps on my bed now 🙂 great mattress and great customer service!!” -Haileigh M.


“I would like to just say I am completely satisfied with your website I had no problems with ordering and having all my questions I had answered . I love my mattress when I got it delivered it was so easy to open and put onto my frame . I have had back and neck problems and since sleeping on the faloogin I sleep like a baby with no pain thanks again !!!” -Theresa F.


“I was one of their first customers and I loved my experience! Even being a new company, the website was super simple to navigate and the process was a breeze. I got my mattress after only four days and it came right to my door. Then I got to open it and watching it expand was so awesome! It was the first time I bought a boxed mattress and I loved it. Literally all I had to do was take it out and take the plastic off as it unrolled! It was fast and now I have this amazing mattress that’s helping with my back pain and helping me get a great nights sleep every night!!! And the customer service was so awesome!! They’re really nice and efficient and answered every question I had really fast! I dont think I’ll go anywhere else for my mattresses and I’m definitely recommending this to my friends and family!” P. Marshall